Setup NFS Server

Tuesday, 28. July 2009

This is based on CentOS but should be very similar for other distros as well.

If NFS is not installed install it

yum install nfs-utils

Have NFS start at startup

chkconfig nfs on

Create a directory to share

mkdir /nfs

Change the rights on the directory to allow users to create and delete data

chmod 777 /nfs

Edit /etc/exports to share the NFS directory

vim /etc/exports

add the following to allow the subnet read/write access to /nfs


Restart nfs service

service nfs restart

SSH Without A Password

Wednesday, 8. July 2009

SSH Without a Password

On the client generate a new rsa ssh key.

NOTE: When prompted for a passphrase leave blank (just hit enter).

ssh-keygen -t rsa

From the client append the new key to the servers .ssh/authorized_keys file.

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@hostname_or_ip ‘cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys’

NOTE: Enter the root password on the server for the last time.

Now ssh into the server

ssh -l root hostname

It should log in without any prompt for a password.