RDCMan Change Passwords with PowerShell

Sunday, 3. March 2024

I have been using different RDP managers over the years and the last one I was using was Terminals. but the project has not been supported since 2019 and so security issues that come up will never be fixed. I recently moved to a different laptop and decided it was time to look for a different RDP manager. I landed on RDCMan from Sysinternals.

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PowerShell Universal Dashboard – Update Page On Button Click

Tuesday, 25. August 2020

I have recently gotten into working with PowerShell Universal Dashboard. At work we have some requirements that Universal Dashboard will help accommodate. So I got to work with the community edition to be able to do a proof of concept. Everything has gone very well and we are purchasing the suite. That being said the biggest issue I ran into was being able to update the page with results by pushing a button.

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PowerShell – Create Azure Route Table with Virtual network gateway route propagation

Thursday, 13. February 2020

Recently I was writing a script to create Azure Route Tables and I kept having issue with getting virtual network gateway route propagation to be enabled.

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Enable Secure PowerShell Remoting

Monday, 6. November 2017

Working with a lot of VMs in Azure it has be come more essential to be able to run my scripts on many VMs at a time.  The first step in doing this is to enable remote PowerShell and keep it secure.  Below is the script that I use to enable remote PowerShell and generate a cert to use for encrypting the communication.

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Visual Studio Code with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Sunday, 5. November 2017

I have been doing a ton of PowerShell scripts lately and I was wanting to find a way to tie into a version control system.  Originally I wanted to do something like GitHub but since I want to do a free option GitHub was out as everything is public on their free option.  So I looked at Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).  They offer 5 users for free and the repositories can be setup as either git or TFS.  So VSTS was it.

My next challenge was PowerShell ISE.  I was wanting to interrelate VSTS into ISE but I did not find a solution that I liked but I did stuble across Visual Studio Code.  VS Code is pretty neat.  It has a ton of addons and can support many languages including PowerShell.  Also there is an addon for VSTS which is nice.

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